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The Baby About to Be Born

Published Date: 2013

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The Baby About to Be Born
a story of spirit for adoptive and A.R.T. families

A great book for those of us who couldn’t build our families the old-fashioned way. A wonderful story about a special child who waits for just the right family. -R. Weiner

dtp_825261_USER_CONTENT_0_html_38c48ae4Baybo is about to be born. But he doesn’t know who he wants his parents to be until he’s taken to a room that holds the dreams of people who long for children.


This story will warm the hearts of those who have either adopted or created their families with the help of assisted reproductive technologies (A.R.T.) such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF).


The original full color artwork featured in “The Baby About to Be Born” was created by well-known Canadian artist, Marla Thirsk.

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