Online Writing for Profit and Purpose

Online Writing for Profit and Purpose

Published Date: 2013

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Online Writing for Profit and Purpose

Have you ever felt like you learn more by sitting around a table
with coffee and a friend then any seminar or webinar?
Well this is how it feels to read Karen Daniels’ book. Lee J. Tyler

Are you struggling for your online business to get the results you want or need?

You can make money for your online business when you’re use some online writing basics. It’s not complicated, this book will show you how. Have you ever gone in search of information you thought you needed to make your online writing work – only to find:

– no usable information

– ebooks that were too dense so you gave up part way through?

– posts or articles so filled with jargon you felt stupid because you couldn’t understand it?

– conflicting “expert” advice so you ended up not knowing what to do?

– “advice” that made you feel you had to be so salesy to make it so you said forget it?

We’ve all been there.

Here’s the thing – the sheer volume of information out there makes it frustrating and sometimes impossible to learn what you need to know right now in order to make your online writing successful and in a way that works for you.

Writing Online for Profit and Purpose is not just about how to write for profit because beyond the idea of PROFIT there has to be PURPOSE.

PROFIT is great. You have to profit if you want to make a living. But if you are going to create sustainable income for any soul passion then your writing must also fulfill some purpose – for you and your readers. Sustainable income is income that you create in a way that makes you happy so you can continue it with joy over the long haul.

This book will give you the information and tools you need to develop the skills necessary to succeed with your online writing no matter what your business or passion.


  • Have you ever felt like you learn more by sitting around a table with coffee and a friend then any seminar or webinar? Well this is how it feels to read Karen Daniels’ book. She has such a strong voice and gives you exciting tips that, no matter how much you think you’ve learned, add onto that learning and make you want to write-right away!! And she is FUN to read!! How did she manage that? I wish all books in this genre were written this way. Many make you want to either bash your head against the wall or fall asleep. Not Karen’s. And I speak as if I know her, which I don’t-but you too will feel like you know her as she shares so many tid-bits of her own life with you. Not just to share but that are germane to what she is talking about. And she knows what she is talking about; head over to more details on the author. You can now understand just how qualified she is to take you by the hand and help you write better and feel GREAT about doing just that. She has a great sense of humor as well and had me cracking up in a lot of places in the book. Some of the things she covers is writing for blogs, freelancing, search engine optimization, and searching Google like a pro. I want to talk about SEO for a second. If you’ve ever had to configure an SEO plug-in, it feels more like scratching nails over a bulletin board. When you read her tips (on competitive words, etc.) you want to go out and try them yourself. Much of the book is like that. But read it first before you leave it as there is so much more to learn. It will be there when you want to revisit it, and you WILL want to revisit it, believe me as I have many times. -Lee J. Tyler
  • Have you ever looked for ways to re-energize your writing but don’t want the process to become a chore? I was looking to bring more life to my blog posts. Online Writing for Profit and Purpose was the medicine I needed. Online Writing for Profit and Purpose is like having an experienced writer sit down with you and over a long cup of coffee, talking about your writing issues. The book moved back and forth between writing psychology and specific writing tips like better use of grammar to tagging your blog post to improve your SEO readership. It was an easy read; it was a relaxed read. The tips were not revolutionary. Rather, there were small reminders of things we often overlook in the process of being busy with our writing. It was a good investment of time and dollars. I felt refreshed when I was done with the read. – Albert H Hanzal
  • It really is difficult to keep up with the times. I know that makes me sound ancient but frankly I really needed help marketing books for my clients. Making money writing is really a different proposition than it was a few years ago. “all” a writer had to do was write the book and engage a publisher. Now you still have to write a book, a guide, a manual, a white paper and then market it. Not sure which was an easier proposition. I am looking forward to other books that are deep dives in this “Tips and Bits” series. Love the concept and the first book in what looks to be a very promising series. So much content…I mean really…who offers 66 tips “66 Titilatting Tips for Successful Writing” instead of the usual 10! – Sandra Ballard

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