Mindful Creativity

Mindful Creativity

Published Date: 2013

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Mindful Creativity
Easy Tips and Meditations to Unleash Your Creativity and Purpose

To begin your creative endeavor look no further. -Angela Artemis

Easy Tips and Meditations to Unleash Your Creativity and Purpose

Simple and effective tips, ideas, and meditations designed to move you past your excuses, put you in touch with your creative energy, and get you started on your life’s purpose.

What you will find in this book:


  • Part I. What’s stopping you? How to understand and deal with the real issues and fears surrounding creativity
  • Part 2. Unleash your Creativity. Slow down and take a journey to the core of your creative being with these tips and meditations
  • Part 3: Explore Your Life Purpose. Tips to jumpstart the rest of your life


Life and creativity are a choice filled with the power of small moments.This ancient Zen story speaks to the power of small moments:

There were two old masters sitting side by side. One of them reached for a needle and began to mend some clothes.


What are you doing?” Dongshan asked.

“I’m mending clothes.”

“How do you do that?”

“One stitch is like the next,” said Shenshan.

“What, after twenty years of practice – that’s all you can say?” said Dongshan

Shenshan put down his needle and turned to his companion. “Well then tell me. How do you sew?”

“As though the entire earth were spewing flames,” said Dongshan.


Your life can be filled with moments where each one is like the next where you make the same choices you’ve made before, or you can choose to live a vibrant life full of flames and color and creative living.

Use the tips and meditations in this book to develop mindful creativity so you can live your life as if the entire earth were spewing flames.


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