Gourmet Made Easy
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Gormet Made Easy: fabulous food from a 15-year-old chef

Published Date: 2015

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6 x 9


Gourmet Made Easy – fabulous food from a 15-year-old chef

Wholesome food, uncommon recipes, simple step-by-step instructions.

Great cooking can be accomplished by any level cook with the right instructions. Andrea’s “Gourmet Made Easy” is her debut cookbook and gives easy to follow step-by-step instructions and images. Andrea Myers-Russo has been cooking since she was 6-years-old when she learned her first dish, scrambled eggs. Now at 15 she is already an accomplished chef. She has catered parties, done prepared meals for purchase, and regularly prepares her family’s meals.

She may be young but she knows her dream; after college and culinary school to become a professional chef, compete against other chefs, and to ultimately open a restaurant for which she has already started drawing layouts and designs and developing menus. Unless otherwise noted, all of the recipes and in this book are written or adapted by the chef.