Words can change everything.

KD Books and Publishing contains an eclectic selection of books and manifestos for unconventional readers who crave the edge in life, learning and leading.

We often make things too complicated and they don’t need to be. As the books here show, you can:

  • easily get in touch with your creativity in a matter of minutes
  • better your online writing without taking a month long course
  • learn intricate subjects from a well-guided book
  • live better, learn better, and lead better without over-busyness and complication

How is this possible?

All the books published here are a celebration of that moment in time when well-written words embrace passion and simplicity. Though the books reside in different niches,  they all have one thing in common:

The books here are written by authors who demonstrate much more than sound writing – they also have beyond ordinary passion for the topics they write about combined with a burning desire to teach you that topic in a way that actually works.

It is this unique intersection of skills and passion that lead to books such as those on this site, books that will help take you exactly where you want to go. These books are not for average people – these are books for those who crave the edge, who desire to be more and better and bigger because of a book – these books and writings are for readers who know that words can change their life.

A note from the founder, Karen Daniels: I am happy to announce KDbooksandpublishing.com, which houses not only my own books and writings, but also offers an eclectic selection of books and manifestos written by other authors who have a particular passion for their topic.I believe that you will never be able to have a life and business that is perfectly suited to you if you follow rules and ideas created by someone else. You must be fearless enough to learn to trust yourself and your personal brand of creative thinking and then express it. The right book at the right time can help you do just that.

about Karen

As a writer, publisher, and fearless creativepreneur, Karen wears many hats. She is a fearless creativepreneur, single mom, and successful amazon top 10 selling author. She doesn’t like status quo, age barriers, or run of the mill.

isittimeKaren is an expert on learning, giftedness and creativity. She has her M.A. in Educational Psychology and using her writing to explore creativity, online writing for bloggers and businesses, and self-help issues. She leads seminars and workshops, speaks at gifted conferences and believes in innovative solutions to every day issues. Her friends consider her renegade, spiritual, and a bit odd.

What Other People are Saying About Karen’s Work and Writing

“I’ve only just started working with Karen and already she has been a gift to my business and to me. She quickly grasped the essence of my expanded business vision and brought her own creativity and in-depth understanding into our conversations. Working collaboratively with Karen removed both mental blocks and internet technology-related constraints that were keeping me stuck. In just a short amount of time she’s helped me see how to take my business to a whole other level.” – Marguerite M. Callaway, Callaway Leadership Institute, North America/Africa/Asia

If you’re looking for motivation and inspiration to begin your creative endeavor look no further. -Angela Artemis

Many people view themselves as not being creative, when in fact we may be confusing creativity with perfection. (Karen) reminds readers that creativity is in the mind of the beholder….get your creative juices flowing without even realizing you’re doing so. -Shannon Harrison


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